Exhibitions in Autumn 2019

There’s only a few more days to go to see Gregory Rankine’s work in the Paisley Art Institute 131st Annual Exhibition – closing on 20th October 2019. The exhibition has been hugely popular with over 5,000 visitors to the new venue at the Piazza Shopping Centre, Paisley.

As an Artist Member of PAI, Gregory has two paintings in the exhibition: Bacchante (61) and Nippy Sweetie (65). Bacchante is an imagined portrait of a follower of Bacchus. Nippy Sweetie is far more personal:


This is a portrait of my mother, standing guarding her washing line against any help from others, after recovering from a serious illness. 

What I want to capture is the character of the long line of matriarchs in my family – their stoic bravery, humour, but also plain-spoken views and Presbyterian work ethic. 

I was inspired by the baroque paintings of Van Dyke and Lely, particularly their portraits of the great and the good in the landscape with drapery. I have distilled this down for the present, with my mother in the back garden with washing flapping on the line.

It’s not the glamour portrait she may have wanted, but I think she might see her true self in there and be reminded of the other women in our family. 


Gregory Rankine also has two drawings of horses in the current Glasgow Art Club Autumn Exhibition (open until 19th October) and will be Artist of the Month at Glasgow Art Club throughout November 2019.

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